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Hans-Josef Mertensmeyer
Mühlengrund 27-29
33106 Paderborn
Tel. 05254/6181
Hans-Josef Mertensmeyer - Facts & Figures

* 1946 in Paderborn/Germany
Lives and works in the district of Sande near Paderborn now
Main focus of his professional work as an artist is on painting and wood design Works exhibited at, his gallery 'Kunst- und Heimathaus' in a beautiful old country house In 1982 he initiated the 'Art Sande', a local art exhibition that has gained supra-regional importance, and founded the international artist group EURO BLEU
First to stage a designer fair in NRW under his Motto 'Flip-Erlebnis-Design' (the German wording he chose for his plain yet vivid design style) To date very active in the regional art and culture scene
Painting techniques include water colours, acrylic collages/mixed materials Themes and symbolism encompass moments and motion in life, as well as land and cityscapes Design objects and furniture are elaborately crafted form fine wood, often combined with steel, glass and other selected materials
For further information:
Phone +49-(0)-5254-6181 or
E-mail <>
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