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The Aldi-Family - Idea & Rough Draf
The Aldi-Family - Idea & Rough Draft
The story begins, where a large cross section of our society meets. At Aldi. There you can see the doctor, the neighbour, the shop assistant or the physician trainer, the family, the single, the unemployed person, old person and young humans equally, beautiful, failed and inconspicuous types, This public reflects the facets of humans, who surround us, with their different opinions and life habits against the simple cardboard box environments unites, thes different natures and constitutes those peculiar atmosphere at Aldi.

It became the experience to buy and observe with the Aldi. It concens not to varnish a business but around a personally felt feeling, which grew between humans without large strategy. Here all the same. It is proximity exact an unconscious feeling that that according to which we look up so much and after we ourselves. Deeply inside, war feeling of the peace an the communication.
By the development of the media, pushing us to be larger and better, strives embodied by immaculate bodies, the successful manager of the 90’s and all the controlling technologies/ exactly this feeling was lost. The gap between reality and desire continues so increase and concomitantly the gap in us and between humans. Natural interaction was lost. Most exact observation, much time and research were necessary, on order to arrive for this analysis. Only with much fine feeling I could find out. In the simple ness of the Aldi shop inadvertently a platform developed on which the feeling of humans could carry out itself quite automatically. Humans approach unconsciously slowly one on the other. This platform could be also any x-other shop. As in former time the famous corner Shop.
The simpleness, which does not radiate the warmth out of a corner shop, is crucial however in its simple ness, clarity and with its price/performance relation for each workstation offers. Even the mode appearance of a single meets here its/same and thereby by the variety at humans, who meet here, into the natural cycle is integrated. A new old and apparently long lost gone way of life again to the life on arouses.
Exactly this development I would like to embody by the red Anton and friends. The red Anton ist more genuinely westfale an lives in a cozy Cotton. As single he has the habit to talk with him self, Now and then he speaks also with its lazy cat Hiltrud, with the rigid rod. The red Anton with its appearance such disciplined, arranged, material and utopian appears- ones he did not lost: He can tell fantastic stories, an with few things he can cook the most marvelous lunch’s. The company with his friends is important for him an is a substantial part of his existence. With his rattling tractor he drives once a week shopping - to the Aldi.
The Aldi is also a place, where he becomes acquainted with his friends, who are at first sight so quite difference the he. Those are the pale Aenne, their son, dry George and the dog Useless. These three live in a skyscraper in the city and have quite different life habits and opinions as the red Anton. Nevertheless the red Anton and the pale Aenne find together, tell themselves stories, play games, invent the maddest lunches and and and.
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